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UK’s New PM Shocks Country With Horrifying Announcement About Shariah Law

The United Kingdom’s now-former Prime Minister David Cameron resigned his position Wednesday morning and was almost immediately replaced by the new Prime Minister and head of the Conservative Party, Theresa May, formerly secretary of the Home Office.

While some have sought to compare May to the previous female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, a comment May recently made regarding the Islamic Shariah law courts in the U.K. have belied that comparison and caused some concern.

According to the U.K. Express, May suggested that her nation could “benefit a great deal” from the teachings and practices of Shariah, a suggestion she has been forced to defend even as she walked it back.

The comments came as she ordered an official review into the Islamic Shariah court system utilized by many Muslims in the U.K. to ensure that the courts aren’t being “misused” or “exploited” to discriminate against Muslim women.

When confronted recently about reports that she supported the use of Shariah law in informal courts in the U.K., May stated, “I’m concerned that Shariah law is operating in a way that could discriminate against women and that could be counter to what is our single rule of law that we have in the U.K.”

“So there is one rule of law in the U.K. — that’s why I’ve set up the review that I have, chaired by Professor Mona Siddiqui, and that will be looking at the operation of Shariah law and whether it is actually operating to discriminate against women and counter to our overall rule of law,” she continued.

The informal Islamic Shariah courts are generally used to assist

Muslims in resolving family, financial and commercial issues in accordance with Islamic law. However, a majority of the cases coming before Shariah courts involve women attempting to dissolve their Islamic marriages.

You can guess how most of those cases end up being decided. (Hint: It generally isn’t in favor of the women.)

Unfortunately for May, her concerns about the Islamic courts being “misused” or “exploited” to discriminate against woman are unfounded, not because women aren’t being discriminated against (they most certainly are), but because the courts in fact are not being “misused” or “exploited.”

The discrimination of women under Islamic law is not a bug, but a feature of the system, and is part and parcel with Islamic religious law and political Islam, which as we can see is wholly incompatible with the standards of Western civilized society, particularly that of equality between the sexes.

Hopefully the “review” ordered by the new PM brings back results in 18 months that compel her to order the complete dissolution of the parallel Shariah court system in the U.K. that runs counter to and undermines the British rule of law.


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