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RED ALERT! Look Who Just Stole Laptop From Secret Service That Has Melania Afraid For Barron’s Life!

It’s been a bad week for Secret Service responsible for protecting the president and his family. Starting with an intruder who got past them and managed to jump the White House fence, then two agents violated the President’s grandson’s privacy in snapping personal pictures, and now the week it’s ending on an even lower note after a laptop containing confidential information was stolen, putting Melania and Barron Trump’s lives in imminent danger.

According to the New York Daily News, NYPD sources said a Secret Service agent’s laptop was stolen from a locked car on Thursday morning in what’s being described as a “criminal event” that wasn’t spoken of until 24-hours after it went missing. The laptop containing highly sensitive material pertinent to the First Lady and her young son, still remains in the wrong hands as of this afternoon, despite other items that were also taken from the vehicle having beeing recovered already.

Of highest concern at this point is that the evacuation plans for the Trump Tower were on that laptop and could have easily been exploited to anyone anywhere, and/or the black market. This creates a security nightmare for Secret Service and everyone responsible for the First Family’s safety in New York. What’s more, is that “information regarding the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server was stolen from a Secret Service agent in New York,” the Secret Service confirmed, Washington Examiner reported.

It’s unclear if the Secret Service agent was targeted specifically for her profession and what she may have in her possession, or if it was a crime of opportunity. The thief reportedly saw the agent’s car in the driveway of her home, got out of his car, and stole the sensitive belongings from in front of her home. While he ditched what was less important, such as a bag of coins, he kept the most sensitive material, some of which could compromise national security. No description of the suspect has been provided, but could perhaps provide some insight into the motive.

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